Coach Dustin Signs One Day Professional Contract

sussex countypease May 23, 2010 439

Coach Dustin has signed a professional contract with the Sussex County Miners of the Can Am League.  This is an independent league team.  Dustin is no stranger to independent baseball as this will be his 5th separate Indy league team he will have played for in his career. (Winnipeg 07-08, Windy City 09, Wichita 10, York 10′ and 13′)  As far as lessons and clinics; not to worry, this is a one day contract where he will start one game this Tuesday 8/25 in Augusta NJ at Skylands Stadium and thus plunge back into retirement regardless of outcome.  This has really become more of a random opportunity for Dustin to help a team out and have some fun.  The manager of the team is Brent Metheny.  Brent and Dustin go way back to the Winnipeg days where they first met in 2007.  He needed some help and Dustin happily accepted his invitation.

If you would like to listen live to the game it will be at 5:00PM on Tuesday 8/25:




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