Baseball Centric Yoga

Please see below flier in regards to yoga event designed specifically for baseball players.  We look for this event to book out rather quickly as space will be limited so sign up now!

Yoga Flier

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The Pitchers Vacation

There’s truly nothing like kicking your feet up and enjoying some good R&R.  Every year many Pease ballers and young pitchers around the country shove off on vacation with their families for some much needed time to recover from the daily grind.  For many, vacations can stretch as long as 3 weeks of the summer.  Even the most committed baseball player will struggle to remain in baseball shape while the waves are crashing in everyday.


Upon return, freshly recovered arms become used and overused immediately.  When I mean overused I mean going about the game as if you did prior to leaving for vacation.  Typically injuries occur fairly quickly in return from that long period of rest.  For most parents and players it is a baffling scenario because they felt they just had a long period of rest and the arm should be in top notch condition.  Unfortunately this isn’t how the body works and I hope that pitchers and players overall are able to do a better job to get themselves ready for baseball correctly before stepping back on the field.  There is a reason Major League Baseball gives players and entire month of spring training to get ready for the regular season.  Yes, it is true, kids are not major league baseball players, but they are human and will be subject to injuries just like everyone else, especially pitchers due to the violence of the throwing motion.  Spring training involves a pace that allows players to build up their effort level whether its their swing, throw, running, or pitch.  My recommendation would be to take a few days and re train your body at lower effort levels each day to re acclimate the body to the movements you are used to.  Build your effort over the course of those days and pay attention to how your body is reacting.

Pease Baseball’s guide to vacation recovery:

3 week+ vacation = 7 full days preparing for play

2 week vacation = 4 full days preparing for play

1 week vacation = 3 full days preparing for play

***Preparation in essence is practice at an effort level you comfortable with but not game speed.   Build up to game speed by the last day of recovering.

***Tossing the ball or swinging a bat during vacation will always help in those days when you return.

***Light stretching routines for your throwing arm and body can benefit greatly during vacation.

All in all, I want to continue giving my best advice to help prevent injuries as much as possible.  As I say all the time, even the player with perfect form is still at risk of injury, my hope is that the risk is limited as much as possible.  Baseball is much better played when healthy.

As always comments are encouraged :D

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Mount Saint Mary’s Summer Baseball Camps

Mount Saint Mary’s will be hosting 3 separate baseball camps this summer in the month of July.  I will be instructing at all 3 of them along with Head Coach Scott Thomson, as well as members of The Mounts Division I baseball team.  Mount Saint Mary’s is part of the Northeast Conference (NEC) of the NCAA.

For information on the camps and to register online click here

Mount Baseball

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Run Run Run!

Pitchers-running-538x218The importance of distance running for pitchers ranks pretty high especially for pitchers throwing multiple innings within outings.  The length of the run should be anywhere from 20-30 minutes long, or 20 poles following the game THAT day or the following day.   You want to get enough in to get your heart pumping and good blood flow.   Distance running helps in a variety of ways that will give the pitcher an edge over his opponents who may not be following suit.  Lets have a look at my list:


1.  Build endurance

2. Build leg strength

3. Relieves stress

4. Pushes lactic acid out from where it would normally settle after pitching.  (acid flush)

5. Acid flush aids in recovery time and can prevent soreness after pitching.

Not sold yet?  Do a standard trial run.  Monitor soreness without running and with running.   Stretching and throwing the following day will be able to tell you the most about your soreness.  You should also be more aware of your soreness.  Sometimes I’ll ask young pitchers where they get sore in there arm from pitching and they don’t know.  It is good to find out where you are getting sore, find the spots, and that can help your pitching coach determine if certain parts of your motion may be straining, and then can be adjusted.

Ultimately when it comes down to it, if you are a pitcher, and you want to play for a long time in this game and don’t have a good running routine AT LEAST starting in high school, then you are in for a rude awakening at some point whether it be arm soreness, or making it to the higher levels of baseball where running is a mandated routine due to all of the benefits listed above.  (i.e. College and Professional)  There needs to be more young players who are able to hold themselves accountable on how they prepare and train for the game of baseball.  Baseball is not a show up and play sport, especially for pitchers and especially in this day and age.   It requires a consistent regiment that should be viewed as fun if you truly love the game and love pitching.  There are no excuses for getting your work in if you have set high goals.

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Red-Shirting Our Young Players – good read


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Coach Dustin Signs One Day Professional Contract

sussex countypease May 23, 2010 439

Coach Dustin has signed a professional contract with the Sussex County Miners of the Can Am League.  This is an independent league team.  Dustin is no stranger to independent baseball as this will be his 5th separate Indy league team he will have played for in his career. (Winnipeg 07-08, Windy City 09, Wichita 10, York 10′ and 13′)  As far as lessons and clinics; not to worry, this is a one day contract where he will start one game this Tuesday 8/25 in Augusta NJ at Skylands Stadium and thus plunge back into retirement regardless of outcome.  This has really become more of a random opportunity for Dustin to help a team out and have some fun.  The manager of the team is Brent Metheny.  Brent and Dustin go way back to the Winnipeg days where they first met in 2007.  He needed some help and Dustin happily accepted his invitation.

If you would like to listen live to the game it will be at 5:00PM on Tuesday 8/25:




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Thurmont Little League 9/10 heading to Rhode Island Regional

Check out this article on the 9/10 Thurmont Little League team who is heading to the regional in Rhode Island this weekend 8/7 – 8/11.

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Mount Saint Mary’s Baseball Summer Camps

Mount Saint Mary’s summer baseball camps are just around the corner. The camps are for all ages. Visit this page to learn more about the 3 separate camps being put on at the Mount in mid July. Sign up quickly! The sign up page is able to reached from the link. Contact me with any questions or concerns. I highly recommend this camp for the younger ages and the college seeking player!

winter camps

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Youth Catching Clinic March 31st

Catching Clinic Mick Myers (Youth)

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Glove repair

  For coaches, parents, and players; I have had some people express some interest in my services being able to repair gloves.  If you have a glove that needs to be fixed I’m your guy, however YOU will be in charge of getting the lace.  I have the tools and knowledge to fix any glove.  Price for a repair is quite reasonable in my opinion.
    Patch job : $5
    Mid range patch job: $10
    Complete re string: $15

mitt repair

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