I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Dustin’s progress since he was 13 years old. Back then I worked with him as an instructor at The Batt Club. Shortly after this, Dustin transferred to Archbishop Spalding, where I was the Head Coach at the time. Since then, I followed his collegiate and professional careers as I continued my coaching career. Dustin was the hardest working player I ever worked with or have seen! Every opportunity he has been given, he’s earned. He was the first to practice and last to leave every day. We had to kick him off the field and at The Batt Club. He has worked year round to be the player he is today. Last year Dustin came to Meade HS (pro bono) to talk to my players about his experiences and what it takes to make it at the next levels. He spoke for an hour and a half and answered every single question after he was finished speaking. My players were totally impressed. To this day, Dustin has not changed much. He’s still the hard working, faith-based, family guy, I met 16 years ago. The highest compliment I can pay Dustin is that I will be a very lucky man if my son grows up to be the type of person Dustin is. I have no doubt that if my son decides to pitch; I will have Dustin doing his pitching lessons. He has a wealth of knowledge, understands kids and how to individually break down and teach mechanics. I highly encourage parents to take advantage of the services Dustin provides.http://www.peasebaseball.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/ph-ac-cs-lanham-sp0818-20140818-768×482.jpg

Dave Lanham

Head Baseball Coach, Meade High School / AD

When deciding on a personal coach for your child, it’s obvious that you will want to find someone with expertise and experience. You can read Dustin’s resume and see that. What is just as important is to find someone approachable that your child can also feel comfortable with. We didn’t just want a pitching coach for our son, we wanted a baseball mentor… and Dustin fits the bill.

While the instruction he provides on the mound is top-notch, it is vital for an athlete to learn about other aspects of the game, such as their mental approach, proper stretching and arm care, the importance of conditioning, and offseason training. Getting this information from a mentor like Dustin resonated with our teenager in a way it probably never did coming from his parents ( i.e. Mom and Dad = clueless nags, Dustin = professional baseball player that knows what he is talking about).

Dustin is constantly working to expand his brand and to provide more tools for his athletes. He was instrumental in bringing a Canadian sidearm camp to our area, has exposed many of his players to baseball-centered yoga and fitness, and, through Lokation Nation on Twitter, has started a valuable dialogue where any athlete who follows along can increase their baseball IQ.

As a parent his accessibility is paramount. Often questions/concerns come up outside of the one-on-one instructional time. It is extremely important to us that our emails are welcomed and receive thoughtful responses.

When we were looking to invest in a pitching coach for our son, we needed to know that coach would also invest in him. We are very happy with the relationship Dustin has built with our son.

Kelly Fox

York, PA, (Dallastown Area HS PA)

Dustin Pease has an impressive resume: four year starter at the Mount, eight years of professional playing experience, pitching coach at a Division I university, and an alumnus of Mount Saint Mary’s University.  Actually, the Mount is where our son, met Coach Dustin in the summer of 2014, at the university’s baseball camp.  Our son’s positive experience with Dustin led to a regular schedule of pitching lessons.

Coach Dustin has given our son very specific adjustments from the very first lesson, giving him more of a rotational delivery with a lot more use of the core and lower body in the delivery.  The instruction is very direct, analytical and conveyed in a manner that is easily understood by a 12 year old player.  At the end of each lesson the student is given fun homework for practice while at home.  Coach Dustin gives each player blocks of a foundation to locate pitches with purpose while utilizing mechanics that promote arm and shoulder health.  It is always a good sign when the teacher does not have scars around the elbow and shoulder!

We have been extremely pleased after 13 months of training, and now Coach Dustin is our son’s hitting instructor and our youngest son has been taking lessons.  You and your player will receive professional instruction in a beautiful facility from a former player who exemplifies the word character.  We drive one hour, one way, for each lesson and each of my sons look forward to the lesson and demonstrating their progress.

Phil Grob

McSherrytown, PA

Dustin not only provided me with an opportunity to play professional baseball, but being a pitcher, he taught me how to become a successful one. Prior to meeting Dustin, I was a decent pitcher, good enough to be a starter at a small Division I college. I had the arm and I had the stuff to be better than what I was, but I was missing the most important aspect to a pitchers arsenal. I was lacking the MENTAL aspect of being a pitcher. As I started to work with Dustin I immediately started to learn how to pitch, and was understanding the difference between a thrower and a pitcher. Only having the opportunity to work with him for a short time, he had already taught me so much and my numbers proved it. Learning how to pitch cut my ERA in half and improved my strikeout to walk ratio immensely. I have taken what Dustin has taught me with me as I am now pitching professionally, and as a rookie I led my team in innings pitched, as well as finished 8th in the league with the most strikeouts. My only regret is not working with Dustin at an earlier age!

Vincent Molesky

Professional RHP, Frontier League 2015-2017 / Atlantic League 2018 (Somerset Patriots)

At the age of 12, we could tell there was something wrong with Cole’s throwing motion. Neither we nor his coaches could determine exactly what the problem was. We met with Dustin, who watched Cole throw for several minutes and he quickly diagnosed the problem. Once he corrected the throwing motion, he worked with Cole to improve other aspects of his pitching game.  Aside from the fundamentals, Dustin educated Cole on the importance of “hitting your spots” and how it is imperative that you not walk batters. Lessons with Dustin paid off as Cole has had great success pitching in high school as well as his summer team.

Lacy and Colin Shipley (Cole Shipley ’17)

Oakdale High School, Maryland Cardinals

Coach Pease helped improve my motion and arm slot.  As a sidearm pitcher I had a difficult time maintaining my consistency. After working with Coach Pease, I now have better control and can spot my pitches.
When I started working with Coach Pease two seasons ago, my goal was to make my high school team as a freshman. Sixty-two players tried out this year, and I’m happy to say I made the team. I truly believe Coach Pease helped me earn a pitching spot on my high school team, and has contributed to my successes so far this season.
Peyton Fox

Dallastown Area High School, (PA) 2019

When I first started lessons with Coach Dustin, I was 15. I could barely make contact with a baseball, and my swing was so wild that I would spin in a circle almost every time I swung the bat. Within my first few lessons with Coach Dustin, I learned the basic mechanics of a swing to the point that by the end of the season I would get a hit every game. Now I am the Designated Hitter for my high school baseball team.

Robert Walker

St. James, (April 2016)

I have been taking my son to Dustin Pease for hitting lessons for over five years. My Son has truly blossomed under Dustin’s tutelage.  My son regularly finishes among the top performers on his team in batting average, RBI and slugging PCT. Pease Baseball has taught my son to be a disciplined, patient, hitter who is able to rely on the TECHNIQUE that has been instilled in him by Pease Baseball. Dustin accepts no excuses for being ill-prepared because you did not practice what you have been taught. He is knowledgeable and consistent in his approach to teaching the art of hitting.

Pease Baseball focuses on the entire process of hitting from soup to nuts by emphasizing the importance of plate discipline. He focuses on doing the same thing every time you step up to the plate. He teaches his students to be accountable for their own success by implementing the techniques that they have been taught.  My son has become a confident, capable hitter as a DIRECT result of the time he has spent with Pease Baseball. My son has learned to “trust the process” as Dustin would say. Without Pease Baseball, there would be no process to trust. Pease Baseball tailors each lesson specifically to the strength of the individual player, (no one size fits all). I would highly recommend Pease Baseball for all of your hitting needs.

Thomas W. Jenkins Jr.

(April 2016)

Dustin’s impact on our team’s pitchers and their in-game performance was immediate and significant. After just two lessons, we have seen improvements in both accuracy and velocity. He works extremely well with our young players and is able to communicate with them at a level they understand. Dustin has worked with our players individually and provided drills specifically designed to correct/improve that pitcher’s unique mechanical issues. Bringing Dustin into our player development plans was the best thing we could have done for our team, but more importantly for our young pitchers as they will now build off a foundation of sound mechanics that will greatly reduce their risk of injury both now and into the future. It has been rewarding to see our boys enjoy more success on the mound and to see them motivated to continue getting better by working on the drills Dustin has assigned to them as “homework”.

Stu Stoffer

Head Coach, (LOUYAA Thunder 11u)

I am a coach and father of a young pitcher. My son, Stephen, worked with Dustin on a weekly basis this past off season in a team environment.  Dustin worked with two pitchers side by side; focusing on one specific point with each pitcher and challenging him to improve the specific fundamental.  I was impressed by the fact that he evaluated each pitcher and identified one specific attribute that needed improvement.  Each pitcher was handled differently.  When the pitcher had reached a point where he could repeat the specific fundamental or goal, Dustin would go to the next step or challenge. He focused on breaking bad habits and building solid fundamental habits one by one.  He evaluated each pitcher independently and worked hard to take them to the next step. He gave each pitcher different homework drills to help them focus on his teaching points.  All pitchers can improve by working with Dustin and I have seen great improvement in my son.  My son worked diligently this off season and still does the drills that Dustin gave him to improve his finish.  Dustin is great with the players, especially if they want to work hard to become a better pitcher.  I look forward to seeing my son continue his relationship with Dustin after the season.

Rory Rice

Catonsville Cubs, (5/21/13)

Dustin’s experience and unparalleled work ethic made him a good professional pitcher but an even better pitching coach.  My son Alex has been with Dustin a little over a year and the transformation from thrower to pitcher has been extraordinary.  Dustin not only teaches the proper mechanics but just as importantly teaches the mental side of pitching.  Dustin achieved what we want all of our kids to achieve, a Division 1 scholarship.  Dustin helped my son achieve two of his goals, a D-1 scholarship offer and interest from multiple major league teams.  Because of his hard work and dedication, I know for a fact that Dustin wants my son to succeed just as much as I do.

Mark Kennedy

Thurmont, MD, (4/28/13)

I can’t imagine a more thoughtful, personal, knowledgeable or inspiring man to coach a “son” in the art of pitching. Whether right handed or left handed, Dustin finds the person within the glove to shape, mold, refine and develop into an individual and unique baseball pitcher with poise, control and character and a desire and passion to work hard and succeed.

Denny Howell

Severna Park, MD

I am a youth baseball coach and father of a youth pitcher. My players and my son have been working with Dustin since last season and so far, all our players have definitely improved their pitching confidence and performance.  They also love working with Dustin! I see great improvements in my son as well.  He takes Dustin’s instructions and is able to better understand and apply simple pitching principles for better control and accuracy. Dustin provides the instruction and tools and inspires the kids to work at it. Dustin is very flexible. We started out with individual lessons and now Dustin comes to our practices and works with several kids during our practice. He comes to us!!

Dustin is also great with the players. He relates to them and inspires and instills values to improve character, hard work, and discipline. He is so much more effective than “dad” trying to teach son! The kids look up to Dustin because of his personal baseball and life achievements. I can’t thank Dustin enough for his support and am looking forward to many more practices and baseball success for our pitchers!

Matthew St. Laurent

Olney MD Warriors, MCBA U18AAA/Sherwood High School