Last night the York Revolution (in York, PA just outside of Baltimore) continued its battle for what would be their third championship in a row.  My friend Steve Rosenfeld, who works for the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, had a skybox for the night and invited my family to the game (the zoo is a major sponsor of the Revs).  It certainly was different watching the game as a spectator, considering I played for this team three years ago and spent each night out in the bullpen.  I was, however, invited down to the broadcast booth for an interview.  I also ran into an old buddy, Vince Harrison (nephew of John Shelby), who was there to pick up his championship ring from last year and throw out the first pitch.  The York Revolution plays in the Atlantic League, the most elite, competitive league in independent baseball.  It was honor for me to get to play for them and Andy Etchebarren just before getting picked up from the Padres.  I saw a lot of familiar faces on the field last night, a lot of guys I’ve played with over the years who are still hoping to catch that lucky break and get picked up by an affiliated team.  I’m so blessed to have gotten my chance.  Unfortunately, the Revs didn’t pull off a win last night and so their season has come to a close.  Oriole icon Andy Etchebarren has also announced his retirement this year and is handing the job over to pitching coach Mark Mason.  I’ll never forget the day Andy called me on my cell phone.  My season with the Wingnuts had just finished and I had just gotten home from Kansas.  The Revs had another month to go in their season and they needed some left-handed pitching.  Andy called just to confirm my arrival and to make I knew how to get there.  What an awesome guy!