SNIPE velocity program


Ivor Hodgson, who topped out a velocity at¬†96mph¬ in his career, has designed a comprehensive velocity program for players aged 13-professional¬†who want to improve their throwing velocity. Ivor’s depths of knowledge on pitching / throwing¬†bio-mechanics, efficiency, force, and reaching desired output are unparalleled in regards to any velocity programming across the country.¬† We are lucky to have him create this program, and excited to introduce it to players not only in the Frederick area, but nationally as well as¬ Lokation Nation¬ will be announcing SNIPE Velocity as an official partner, allowing players from across the United States to fly in be part of this system. Superior velocity programming that implements elements¬†of accuracy and command is¬†impossible to find. It is something¬†very lost in today’s development and Ivor has poured a ton of thought and passion into this ongoing design.

Pre-Program details:

  • FREE Bio-mechanical assessment. (At your convenience)
  • FREE assessments are 15 minutes long using slow motion capture (60fps) from multiple angles
  • We will report results from assessments at later date, not the day of the assessments in order to accommodate more players. We will report our findings.
  • Players must pass bio-mechanical assessment to opt into program.
  • The first inquiries for free assessments will have first option¬†to opt into program.(first come first serve)
  • Slots are limited.¬† ¬
  • Passing free assessment does not obligate you to join program.¬
  • Assessments for new players are done on monthly basis at players convenience.¬
  • Program will on operate on monthly basis.
  • If player¬†fails free bio-mechanical assessment he¬†will be required to work with Ivor Hodgson within private lesson instruction (lessons) until deficiencies are corrected in order to opt into program.¬† This program is a high intensity program that requires quality movements for your own safety and to reduce¬†the risk of injury.¬†¬
Program Details:
  • Monthly commitments (registration fee reduces after first month.)
  • (Tues / Thurs)
  • 1 1/2 hour sessions twice a week
  • Time Frame (5:00pm-6:30pm or 6:30-8:00pm)
  • Program will consist of groups of 4 players within time frame.
  • Consistent Radar Tracking using Stalker Radar Rig and display board.
  • Consistent Accuracy Tracking
  • No weighted baseballs
  • 4 Station Segmentation.
  • High Intensity / High Volume throwing
  • Force Vector Training (correct usage of legs and lower half)
  • Flexibility / Mobility / Coordination / Functional Core usage
  • Video Analysis
  • Explicit, highly functional movement training to increase throwing velocity.
  • Bi-Weekly progress reports.
  1. Purpose is to increase throwing velocity through efficient movements.
  2. Develop timing, rhythm, and synchronization.¬
  3. Strengthen arm through authentic throwing motion.

LOCATION:¬ Pease Baseball Academy

COST: $350 per player / per month (roughly $44 per session)
***Program sessions are paid in advance of month.  Sessions are not pro rated for missed sessions. We expect players to be committed to every session.  This is a serious program for committed athletes. You are not obligated to opt into program if you pass free assessment***

Program cost is constant month to month and is opt-in on an monthly basis.¬† You are not obligated¬†to commit more than a month at a time.¬†¬


            Text: 240 353 6879

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to sign up for free assessment for potential opt in.¬†¬